Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Another fun day out....

Total Wine,  more thrift stores,  La Quinta Library....and best of all "In-N-Out Burgers".  Richard just loves this place.  He got a taste for it when he was working in San Francisco.  We went to the one that opened last year in La Quinta.

I love these old posters in this new location.  They've been around since 1948 and still keep a simple menu.  Good on them!

At La Quinta Library we saw this promotion.  In-N-Out Burgers will give kids a burger if they read 5 library books...wow.

 Richard enjoying the double-double cheeseburger "animal style" which means with fried onions,  the meat fried in mustard,  and extra sauce.  And we learned we can have the fries "double fried"  which is like the French do and why their fries are so great.  Richard had a neapolitan shake...Jim will try this next time.

 Richard scored us some paper hats....don't we look cool!

You can even get hot peppers on the side...and they are really hot!

Monday, February 27, 2017

If it's Monday, we must be at Bill's Pizza....

We met Brian and Susan,  Nicki and Stan and their friend,  Ann,  at Bill's tonight.  It was a super as usual.  And they have even improved the Heather's Luau  pizza...now called Baby Z's or something like that.  Great to see everyone.  It's still raining...unreal weather for PS but is changing tomorrow.

Nicki and Ann

Richard and Susan

Stan and Brian


 Jim,  Brian,  Stan


Ann and Stan

Richard bought some treats for Grace at See's and bought some of their bridge mix for us...wow...amazing!  See's is just up the road from Bill's.  Getting bridge mix just might have to become a Monday tradition.

West Elm House Tour

We have done various things for Modernism Week but this year I decided to do a free event only since plans were rather uncertain.  Brian and Susan joined us and we all really enjoyed seeing this Alexander home in the Compadres neighbourhood that West Elm had done the interior design.

I love these mini palm trees/

Along with the putting green,  they have a bocce court as well.  Now,  all we need is a pastis.

They have two outdoor showers and even a bathtub outside.

This cool door is from a neighbouring house.

And then Richard cooked these USAD Prime strip loin steaks from Jensen's.  I also bought a baguette there and a Herb de Provence roast chicken....both excellent.  I will buy my little chickens from there from now on.

Not cheap as you can see but very yummy!  I had them cut two in half because they were very thick.