Monday, April 23, 2018

Sunday Carvery at The Diner last night.....

"As part of the Courier's Vancouver Special neighbourhood series, we visited The Diner in West Point Grey, where Stella Shurety and her family have been serving up British delights since 1959."

I didn't have my camera with me but I took these photos when we came home.  I could only eat half of my dinner so these are the leavings...make a great lunch tomorrow.

They have a banner saying "50th Anniversary".  Actually they are in their 54th year.  I mentioned we were celebrating our 50th Wedding Anniversary and at the end of the meal she presented me with this "candy" ring and made Jim hold my hand and promise to be with me for the next 50 years.

They have a big Robbie Burns celebration so if we're here we'll definitely go.  Jim will have to borrow his kilt back from John.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Lovely sunset tonight

Chawton House Library

I just started doing an online course on Jane Austen and in a couple of the short videos they have the librarian and one the presenters pawing with ungloved hands over these very fragile materials. The materials were at least supported.

I helped Jim out at the Harry Ransome Center in Austin, Texas one day when he was doing research there for a month and before they even let me near these materials which weren't as fragile and precious as the materials in the Jane Austen Library,  I had to fill out an extensive form,  watch a video on how to handle the materials,  be interviewed, and of course,  wear white cotton gloves.

Chawton House Library Information for Readers
Visits to the Library are by appointment only, and readers must complete an application form on their first visit and show two forms of identification, one with a photograph and one with proof of address.
Lockers are provided for the storage of personal belongings, and coats can be hung in the hallway.
Reading Rooms
The reading rooms are kept at a specific temperature and humidity levels (in accordance with the British Standard 5454:2000) this is to make sure the collection is kept in a good condition. Whilst efforts are made to compromise on the conditions best for the preservation of the collection, and are comfortable for readers it may feel a little cool overtime, therefore we advise readers to bring an extra layer when they visit.
  • Laptops can be brought into the rooms and there is a WIFI service available
  • A reproduction service is available and there is a small charge for this service
  • Only Pencils are allowed to be used, and can be provided by staff
    Please note that CCTV is in operation in all of the reading rooms
    The Library Collections
    The Main Collection and increasingly the Knight Collection are on our catalogue system which is available online and on a computer in the reading rooms. Items can then be requested by filling in a call slip and retrieved by staff.
    Before handling items from the collection:
  • Make sure your hands are clean before handling the material
  • Support items while using them, suitable supports are available and weights
  • Loans are limited to 10 titles at one time for all visitors
  • Please do not place any items on the floor, crease, lean on, fold over, write on, or
    rest anything on top whilst using them
  • Please do not take any items out of the reading room, and do not stack books
    more than 3 high or put heavier material on top of smaller items
    Please do not hesitate to ask the Library staff with any queries, questions or problems during your visit 

Itty Bitty Book Review: "Stamboul Train"

"Stamboul Train" by Graham Greene

I enjoyed this novel very much.  I thought I had read all of Graham Greene but I guess not. Quite the cast of characters and quite the intrigue...of course,  it couldn't end happily.

Jane Austen Day

I have really enjoyed the Jane Austen Society meetings.  Saturday's meeting was a very special one with a speaker from Dawson College speaking about Persuasion.  An excellent presentation and then a wonderful lunch,  some fun readings from members, and a real highlight was the performance of two students from the UBC Opera School.  Wow,  they were just tremendous even if the link to Jane Austen was a bit tenuous.  We were a wonderfully appreciative audience and there was a great question and answer period.

The students were Ivy Calvert from Austin, Tx and Justin Cho from Korea.  I wonder if I might be able to brag that I saw them for free.  I love saying I saw Placido Domingo for $1.  Jim and were UBC students and we could get last minute tickets that weren't sold for a dollar as students.  Even though it was opening night, that was before opera became really trendy.

And we learned the North America Jane Austen AGM is going to be held in Victoria in four years just after Canadian Thanksgiving.  That's a really big deal.  Donna signed up to volunteer.  I'll play it by ear as we may be in Palm Springs but if not,  I will probably go.  It's going to be at The Empress.

Joan does such a wonderful job with the table decorations and I got to take the flowers home as did Donna and many people.  And Jim bought me roses while I was out so lots of blooms.

Very cool Jane Austen socks.

This was an advertiement posted in the hall of the church where the meetings are held.  This could be fun...not far from us.

Our wonderful singers,  Jason and Ivy.

Two of our members doing a reading from Persuasion.

My lovely roses that welcomed me home.  I put them in a Ricard water pitcher as I can't seem to find most of my vases.  I also can't seem to find my mixing bowls...well, lost in the shuffle with the move I guess.  It will soon be time for pastis.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Another rainy day...

It started not too badly but rain in earnest in the afternoon.  I did a big shop and got some great deals at Safeway's "Dollar Days" and also learned my local store will be staying open until July rather than closing in May.  It seemed a day for cooking so made peanut butter cookies and chilli.  The chilli made for a yummy dinner and enough for dinner tomorrow.  The cookie jar is full and about 3 dozen more in the freezer for later.

A great afternoon to watch the Blue Jays. And they beat the New York Yankees....yeah!

Friday, April 20, 2018

It was a very good day....

We started with lunch at Las Margaritas....always a pleasure.  Kat, our favourite server,  who knows exactly what we want to order,  wasn't working today but we were pleased to hear she is still there.  We had another great server.

Well,  we don't look that bad considering the photos were very close up.  Jim wondered if we really wanted to take show all our wrinkles.   I figure we've earned them.

And I needed to get a golf bag and was very pleased with this second hand one we got at Sports Junkies.  Now we both have sets of clubs and bags in both Vancouver and Palm Springs.

And finally to Dick's to pick up our tax stuff.  Good to get all these chores done.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Happy Hour at the University Golf Club

Well,  sunshine most of yesterday and sunny skies greeted us today.  Someone in the elevator said a high pressure ridge is developing and it will be wonderful weather for weeks soon....will be totally loving that!

We went to the University Golf Club ( a 3 minute drive for us) and had their Happy Hour Wings.  It's a great deal for six bucks as you get 9 wings and fries.  I only want a couple of fries so left them but it seems you can substitue a salad.  That will be perfect.  There are such wonderful views.

And the Blue Jays swept the Kansas City Royals.  The four games were great to watch.  They meet the New York Yankees today.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Looks like it's sunny in Rome

And amazingly there is sun this morning here!

Carol's been pretty busy and had technical difficulties with her photos but I do hope to see a posting to her blog soon about her Roman adventure.

Mariken and Carol having a cappuccino and coffee near where they are staying.

Meanwhile in Vancouver the cherry blossom trees are really going strong.  Interesting to see them from above.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Sunshine today!

How nice to see the sun today and hopefully the Blue Jays game will go ahead.  The last three have been postponed....two because of rain.  It seems there have been a record number of rain outs this year.  Yesterday,  since it was to be in Rogers Arena in Toronto which has a roof we thought it would go ahead but it was postponed because of falling ice from the roof!

Netflix just put up the movie Loving Vincent so we watched it last night.  All the wonderful colours certainly brightened up all this dreary weather.

From Wiki:
Loving Vincent is a 2017 experimental animated biographical drama film about the life of painter Vincent van Gogh, and in particular, the circumstances of his death. It is the first fully painted animated feature film.[7] The film, written and directed by Dorota Kobiela and Hugh Welchman, is a Polish production, funded by the Polish Film Institute, and partially through a Kickstarter campaign.[8]
First conceived as a 7 minute short movie in 2008,[7] Loving Vincent was idealized by Dorota Kobiela, a painter herself, after studying the techniques and the artist's story through his letters.[9]
Each of the film's 65,000 frames is an oil painting on canvas, using the same technique as Van Gogh, created by a team of 125 painters.[10] The film premiered at the 2017 Annecy International Animated Film Festival.[2] It won Best Animated Feature Film Award at the 30th European Film Awards in Berlin and was nominated for Best Animated Feature at the 90th Academy Awards.

His paintings are just so amazing.  I remember bursting into tears in the Van Gogh room at the Musee d'Orsay in see all these wonderful passionate paintings all together was quite an experience.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Out to the wonderful Museum of Anthropology

It was the last day of the Salish Weaving exhibit and also there was a fashion show to end the exhibit.  There was great attendance and loved the fact that as an "elder" I could sit in the first row.  The first two rows were reserved for that's a tradition I love!  The exhibit and show were amazing and I was seated next to a Sechelt First Nations man whose wife was in the fashion show and also is the curator of the Sechelt Museum.  We had a very interesting chat and to top everything off there was food at the end...bannock and grilled vegetables,  coffee and a soft drink.  I just love this place and will probably volunteer where we are no longer in Palm Springs for almost half a year.

This looks like a very interesting museum and another reason to visit the Sunshine Coast.  It's been forever since I've been there.

And you could even try out your hand at weaving.

I sat in a very comfortable chair looking over these wonderful trees, stones, and creek.

I'll have to go back soon to see this new exhibit.

The fashion show....just wonderful examples of First Nation's weaving.  Most of the participants were weavers and wove the garments they displayed or they were woven by family members.

The food was wonderful!