iPet Companion is the world’s first interactive, web-based pet toy. We allow users from anywhere in the world the ability to play with animals awaiting adoption in humane societies located across North America by controlling a camera and moving toys, in real-time, right from their computer. We aim to improve the lives of shelter pets with a more active lifestyle, higher adoption rates, and increased donations to shelters.
The Origin
The concept for iPet Companion was sparked by a cat named Spot. His owner, one of our engineers, was testing a remotely controlled robot arm when it attracted Spot’s attention. This gave birth to the idea of building a pet play system that combines live web viewing with remotely controlled pet toys.
Soon after we reached out to our local humane society and asked if they would like to pilot a new web-based realtime cat toy for us. Idaho Humane Society became the first shelter to install our system of toys. The project quickly grew to include shelters across the United States! The response to iPet Companion has been positive, passionate, and has attracted users worldwide and we’re always looking for more shelters to partner with. Want an iPet Companion for your shelter? Apply today!
The Technology
iPet Companion is a product of Reach-In technology. Reach-in is the creator of online applications that allow users to visually and robotically interact over the internet in real time. The iPet Companion product is one of many products offered by Reach-in.