Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year to all my blog readers!

Susan and Alan sent us this e- card today…take a look…it's great!

All the best to everyone in 2014!


I had problems uploading these little videos Richard took….seem to be working now.  The slow motion feature on his iPhone is kind of cool.

Monday, December 30, 2013

San Jacinto Mountains

I've been trying to capture these for quite a while.  Susan did some for me yesterday as part of her 29 Cactus project.  So,  now it was my turn.  I want mine to be purplish…they do look purplish in the morning and at night sometimes.

This is a "first coat"…too dark but will work with it tomorrow and maybe I'll even try to do the light and shadow in the right place….but then,  maybe not.

Susan's mountains

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Vancouver, mon amour...

Richard arrived home and sent this photo with the message…

What I came home to.  Guess Vancouver's ok after all!

Thanks for a wonderful visit.



Taken from the balcony.

Our home in the desert is wonderful but we are also blessed with a wonderful home in my favourite city in the world.

A fascinating day at Bombay Beach on the Salton Sea

Richard wanted to go to the Salton Sea so we decided to go to Bombay Beach which is on the other side of the Sea to where Satlton City is which Jim and I had already visited.  You see a lot more of the sea going this way.  The Sea was created by a flood in 1905, in which water from the Colorado River flowed into the area.

It was initially seen as a good thing to have this inland sea in a desert area and became a recreational area with yacht clubs and beaches that rivalled Palm Springs.  Fish were introduced and the fishing was apparently fabulous.   With agricultural run off created salinity it has now become a "dead" area and has massive fish and bird die offs.

Most people have abandoned Bombay Beach….leaving a rather odd assortment of people and very few businesses.  No gas station so people tend to get around on golf carts,   two small corner stores,  and a restaurant and bar called "Ski Inn"….water skiing was big at one time.  Now,  all boats are banned from the Sea because of further pollution concerns.

We had lunch (Cheeseburgers…very homemade like) there and Jim and Richard had a couple of games of pool on the warped table.  The whole place is a a time warp so that made sense!   The customers were a combination of the locals and the curious like ourselves.

 We sat at the bar beside the woman with the red hat.  She was quite talkative and seemed to have a steady supply of drinks bought by locals and visitors.

 There's a tradition of writing something on a dollar bill and taping it to the walls or ceiling…we made a contribution.

 An old time music playing machine.

 Menu was in a ripped duo-tang.

 The owner and barman.  Interesting the way the drinks were created.  A glass full of ice,  then liquor filled to almost the top,  then about an ounce of mixer.   $3 a drink.

 Richard photographing Dad,  the pool shark.

 Our dollar contribution….a line from a favourite play of ours,  "Juno and the Paycock"  by Sean O'Casy.

 Richard's contribution.

The "Ski Inn"  exterior….notice the golf cart.

Photos from "the Hood" of Bombay Beach.  There is a dyke that keeps the Sea from flooding it….the cyclists are on the dyke.

When we came home,  Richard made up jalapeƱo Margaritas as a prelude to a Mexican meal at Las Casuelas.  Then we watched this documentary (available on iTunes")…worth a watch for sure!

Plagues & Pleasures on the Salton Sea

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Plagues & Pleasures on the Salton Sea
Plagues and pleasures poster.jpg
Directed byChris Metzler
Jeff Springer
Narrated byJohn Waters
Music byFriends of Dean Martinez
Distributed byTilapia Film
New Video/Docurama
Release dates
  • January 12, 2004(Slamdance Film Festival)
  • February 24, 2006(United States)
Running time73 minutes
CountryUnited States
Plagues & Pleasures on the Salton Sea is a documentary film by Chris Metzler and Jeff Springer, with narration by John Waters and music by Friends of Dean Martinez.[1]
This offbeat and often humorous documentary tells the story of the accidental lake and environmental catastrophe known as the Salton Sea, located in the desert of Southern California, USA.
Once known as the “California Riviera”, the Salton Sea is now called one of America’s worst ecological disasters: a fetid, stagnant, salty lake, that coughs up dead fish and birds by the thousands in frequent die-offs that occur. However, amongst the ruins of this man-made mistake, a few remaining eccentrics (a roadside nudist, a religious folk artist, a Hungarian revolutionary, and real estate speculators) struggle to keep a remodeled version of the original Salton Sea dream alive.
The film shares these people's stories and their difficulties in keeping their unique community alive, as the nearby cities of Los Angeles and San Diego attempt to take the agricultural water run-off that barely sustains the Salton Sea.
The film ultimately explores the historical, economic, political, and environmental issues that face the Salton Sea, while taking a closer look at the people who have chosen to live in what they see as a surreal paradise.

Just dropped Richard off at the airport…a great visit!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

And the fun goes on...

Richard had a great day out and got lots of exercise.  Took in the Palm Springs Art Museum,  got to the Marilyn statue…all by bicycle.  After dinner,  we went to the Camelot movie house…quite a cool old movie place where you can take a drink to your seat.  We all took wine and just so much fun to be able to do that.  We saw  Inside Llewyn Davis…Richard's choice and really enjoyed it.

Wine in a movie theatre…great!

Then,  Richard took us to The Parker for a drink.  We had Italian Riviera Mojitos.  Great we can walk there.  Must go there for lunch or dinner.

 Cool fireplace pit in the bar.

Having fun in the swing chairs.

Mini Triathlon

Richard' s going on a mini triathlon today…starting out jogging to the Ace Hotel

Then swimming in their pool….they have a "Swim Club" so people can do a drop in thing.

Then snagging one of their bicycles for a bike ride.

Sounds pretty energetic to us….we'll be heading to the pool.

And he's off to the race….

And Mom had to remind him to take a hat,  take his sunglasses,  and take the house key….some things never change!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A wonderful Christmas dinner with friends and family…thank you Richard!

Richard made it all happen for us so the rest of us could relax.  I've never had a more hassle free Christmas dinner I've hosted….thank you, thank you, thank you, Richard!

Good food,  good friends,  great time was had by all.

Christmas crackers are completely unknown in the US…a British tradition obviously.  Richard brought them down with him from Canada.  Everyone got into the spirit.

 Erna wearing her hat and doing the charade…these ones were quite "serious" ….having a skill testing question and a charade.  Usually they just have corny jokes.

 Susan,  wondering whether she really has to put on her hat.

 Dick gave up quickly and just did it.

 Hat on for Susan….Marvin figuring out the his yo yo prize.  He got it going!

 Of course,  the "empty table photo"…wouldn't be Christmas without it.

 The gang's all here except Richard (and the photographer) slaving away doing the last minute rush that Christmas dinners all require…good on you,  Richard!