Saturday, September 29, 2012

Doesn't feel like Autumn yet...

I liked this display in Thrifty's.  With all the sunshine apparently it's going to be a great year for pumpkins.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Can a day get any brighter than this?

Another beautiful sunny day,  sunflowers,  a touch of lavender,  herbes de Provence,  and three new books to read after I finish  the new McEwan....

 I've been seeing these sunflowers on Fairfield Road just before I pick up Elaine and have been meaning to take a photo...a little past their best but they seem like they are volunteers so had to take a photo.

 Yellow was my grandmother Cavallin's favourite colour and she loved flowers.  Every dish, piece of furniture, etc had flowers.  I always say red as a favourite colour but yellow and blue are very close to my heart.

I love getting deliveries from Amazon....but I also do make a point of patronizing Bolen's and Munro's.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Another discovery of Jim's

Detail from a portrait of Sir Peter Hall by his daughter Jennifer Caron Hall.

Jim was very pleased to discover a screenplay of Brave New World written in 1971 by Peter Hall (now Sir Peter....founder of the Royal Shakespeare Company in 1960) and Denis Cannan.  He found it by searching around ABE books,  bought it, and it arrived today.  He's quite excited about it!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Willow's Galley is back!

The neighbourhood was in mutiny mode after Willow's Galley was taken over and they completely lowered the quality.  Now,  a fellow who had his first job at Willow's Galley in the old days bought the business and Jim, Richard, and I can attest to the quality of the product....even better than the original if that is possible.  Wonderful halibut and chips....a must try for locals who were missing it.

Richard in front of one of his favourite childhood haunts.

Story in the Oak Bay News:

Published: March 08, 2012 7:00 AM
Not too many people can say they own the place that gave them their first job. But that’s exactly the case for David Higgins.
Higgins reopened the Willows Galley in Estevan Village late last year, completing a circle nearly 30 years in the making.
It’s the very same restaurant where a 12-year-old Higgins was once hired by original owner Glen Harper. In keeping with a tried and true restaurant tradition, he started at the bottom and worked his way up.
“I started out peeling the potatoes and doing the dishes and cleaning up afterwards,” said Higgins, now 39. “Then in the summertime Glen trained me on the grill and everything else. By the time I was done here, I had pretty well done everything and learned everything.”
Higgins ended up spending four years at the restaurant, and the experience left an indelible mark.
“Glen and Willows Galley were definitely the one that planted the seed for me to become a chef and go into cooking,” he said.
After learning the ropes as a teenager working at the Galley, Higgins went on to complete his chef’s apprenticeship at the Victoria Golf Club. He subsequently worked in a number of kitchens around the Capital Region, including stints at the Oak Bay Beach Hotel and Government House. When the opportunity arose to purchase the Willows, he jumped at the chance.
“I think that’s what everybody works towards, having their own business or working for themselves, and this one especially because I worked here when I was 12 and it’s got a lot of meaning to me,” Higgins said.
“It feels like being back home.”
And that’s how he wants his customers to feel. There have been two other owners since Harper retired a few years ago – though he still owns the building – and Higgins wanted to make sure the menu reflected the restaurant’s roots. He has removed a few of the more recent additions to the menu and gone back to the staples like fish and chips and seafood chowder that put the restaurant on the map when it first opened in 1978.
“I just want it to be Willows Galley, the way it used to be when Glen had it,” Higgins said. “The feedback has been great because of that. Basically I just want to keep the tradition going.”
Since the grand reopening last Dec. 10, business has been great, Higgins said. He attributes that success to the quality of the food and the restaurant’s neighbourhood atmosphere.
“When I worked here before, (people) always referred to Willows Galley as the Cheers’ kind of atmosphere, where everybody knows your name,” he said. “That’s the way I want to keep it.”

Saturday, September 22, 2012

University Club

Just wanted to let folks know that if you are a UVic alumnus,  The University Club is offering a free year's membership if you haven't been a member before.  Jim had been a member so I joined for us.  He gets signing privileges.  Patty and Terry are going to join and Jim and Terry are looking forward to getting some billiards in.  Elaine put me on it and she is going to join as well.  What have you got to lose?

The nitty gritty:  Phone the Alumnus office to get your student number then go to the University Centre  to the Photo ID booth to pay a one time $15 fee to get your Alumnus card (takes about 5 minutes) then head over to the University Club to join.


We had an excellent meal  last night with Patty and  Terry  at the new restaurant in Cadboro Bay Village and were pleased to see they are doing a roaring trade because they so deserve it. The locals will be thrilled to have a super restaurant at this location....finally. Every dish we had was fresh tasting and well prepared and the service was excellent. We had a very personable server who suggested the Prawn Cakes as a chef special appetizer....wonderful choice. We added the Satay with them. For the main course we had Smoked Duck Curry which came in a sauce with lychee and grapes (will be a must have for future visits), White Fish in Crispy Batter (very crispy and fresh tasting), Stir Fried Eggplant (came with wonderful green beans cooked to perfection), and Chicken Phad Thai.

Then back to Patty and Terry's for blackberry wine from Cherry Point, coffee, and goodies from Pure cherry studel and lemon tart.  Delicious!

I just love these gardening displays at Fort and Foul Bay

Friday, September 21, 2012

Congratulations to my favourite teacher!

Jim got this award in November but just got the certificate now.  Of course,  I can't think of anyone who deserves it more!

Only in France....this is so cool!

Now I have one more reason to go to Paris a 13th time.
PS  The number 13 is lucky and unlucky in France.

"Why visit the Palace of Versailles, when you can RIDE in it? The interior of a train on Paris’s main transit system, the RER, has been transformed into a replica of the Palace of Versailles. The isles of the train are lined with golden sculptures, and the ceilings feature beautiful, intricate paintings. The interior, which was funded by the Palace itself, mimics the Hall of Mirrors, Marie Antoinette’s estate, and the Gallery of Battles. If you’re in Paris, you’ve got to check this out. "

Palace of Versailles (1)

Palace of Versailles 2 Interior of Paris train resembles the Palace of Versailles

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Maybe deer can be useful after all....

I had to laugh at two deer who wandered into our front yard just before my bookclub arrived.  One went along the rockery and cleaned up what I would consider weeds and the other pulled out morning glory (a constant nuisance) from my rhodos and nibbled away at it.  Now,  this is more like it!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Our new gas fireplace!

Itty bitty book review "The Violin Lover"

"The Violin Lover" by Susan Glickman

Susan Glickman has published quite a lot of poetry and it certainly shows in this novel...very beautiful language in parts.  I read it as I was also re-reading Half Blood Blues for our bookclub  coming up.  Interesting because it takes place in the 30's in England and the protagonists are Jews very much into the classical music scene.  A rather interesting contrast to the Blacks into jazz in France but both facing prejudice and the problems of the time. 

Monday, September 17, 2012

Blown away....

 Mary and I went to Bronwen's mom's art show today and there is no other term than blown!  The art pieces,  the stories, the poems...all wonderfully imaginative, creative, varied, whimsical...amazing and uplifting.  Not to be missed.

From Bronwen:

Everyone and his/her grandmother/grandfathershould come to this. I
saw/heard a sneak peek today and I am BLOWN AWAY. Her best work so
far, in my opinion that is ...
New and Retrospective work by Muriel Sibley. Sibley celebrates her
long journey with art and words. Myths and folktales influence and
inform her ideas and work. Stories and poems accompany each piece.

Opens September 8th with a Reception from 7-9.
Closes October 11th
Martin Batchelor Gallery, 712 Cormorant Street, Victoria, BC, Phone/
Fax: Ph: 250 385-7919"

The difficult part was what to choose to post as examples here.  Muriel's assistant came in while we were there to take photos and there is going to be a book or catalogue of the works and the stories and poems.  Looking forward to it!

Mary and Ballerina with the Red Shoes.

Best to laugh rather than cry....

 I feel strongly that the invasion of Kate Middleton's privacy was outrageous and pity the meagre spirited people  who chose to participate in this violation by viewing them but I did have to laugh at the irony of this incident and hope Kate and William had a private laugh as well.

  Duchess of Cambridge looks at a topless sculpture during a visit to the Cultural Village in Honiara, Solomon Islands, 17 September 2012

Duchess of Cambridge,gives a wry smile while watching bare-breasted Solomon Islanders.

The Duchess of Cambridge, somewhat inevitably, was confronted by bare-breasted tribeswomen at every turn today, as she was “crowned” queen of the South Seas by Solomon Islanders.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Downtown Victoria

We went to downtown Victoria yesterday to wander around and have lunch.  Ended up at The Flying Otter.  Jim had a wonderful paella and I had the crab cakes.  What struck us initially driving down into town were the number of empty buildings with For Lease signs.  Loads of people downtown taking advantage of the sunshine and businesses full with locals and tourists so glad to see downtown cashing in on the good late weather.

"Cleopatra's Bedroom"....don't think I'd seen this before.

 Great tulips at the Dutch Bakery...did they always have a big restaurant serving breakfast and lunches?

 Hadn't seen these 3 D murals before....the one below is the Emily Carr one.  They were done in 2010 so I guess that makes some sense.

 Ok....please tell me why there was a huge line up (this was before noon) and many patrons already eating  at Red Fish Blue Fish.  Yeah....the food must be good but rather uncomfortable seating,  line ups, no beer or wine....

 My crabcakes....crab and shrimp....great combo!

Jim's paella.

Took in the chalk festival....looks very uncomfortable!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Just might replace Jim's tuna sandwich...

Puerto Vallarta Amigos logo

Reading in the TC today that they will be serving from a food truck at Camosun during the week.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Surrounded by the cutest dogs

Of course we have lovely little Beau next door and then our gardener, Chris, sometimes brings Zodie along.  Isn't she a sweetie!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Cool commercial art

The Tostitos logo is certainly familiar enough, but have you noticed the pair of partygoers snacking on salsa?


Amazon​.com claims to offer every product imaginable from “A” to “Z”. Can you see the same promise illustrated in their logo?

Atlanta Falcons

The Atlanta Falcons logo is primarily based on the bird, but can you see the reiteration of the letter “F” as well? (Hint: step as far away from your screen as the room allows.)

Baskin Robbins

Baskin Robbins claims 31 unique flavors of ice cream, and they’ve made this claim a part of their branding as well.

London Symphony Orchestra

This brilliant logo combines the suggestion of a symphony conductor (complete with a baton in his right hand) with the “LSO” acronym.

Milwaukee Brewers

The Milwaukee Brewers combines a traditional baseball glove with the letters “M” and “B”.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Update on St. Matthias chairs

More than pennies from heaven, chairs from Victoria church sell for $758,500

Fabulous news for the church and I'm so pleased for them!

And what do these chairs look like?

A pair of 17th-century chairs made of rare rosewood sat at St. Matthias Anglican Church for more than 20 years.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tropical storm Leslie is howling across Newfoundland

 Well,  I guess Donna and Eliot are appreciating our wonderful West Coast weather....

From the Globe and Mail today:

Tropical storm Leslie is howling across Newfoundland and Labrador with winds as high as 130 km per hour in the provincial capital, causing property damage, downed trees and power outages.
The Canadian Hurricane Center, which is tracking the storm, says that Leslie has been crossing the middle of the island - and it will be three to four hours before the centre of the storm exits north of Gander. It will then head out over the ocean racing toward Iceland.

Damage to new housing in Pleasantville, next to Quidi Vidi Lake in east end St. John's.   Interesting to see the new house being built have that wonderful Newfoundland character and colours.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Big day of unpacking and my back holds up....

It was great to get these fragile items safely back to their original places.  Absolutely no regrets about getting rid of my other two sets of china.  I know Carole found them good homes.

Maybe I need to start reading the Globe and Mail

 Of course I haven't even been reading The Vancouver Sun much lately except a bit online.  The TC is pretty local and provincial.  I find it interesting that Romney is moving to the middle and taking some of Obama's ideas.

Friday, September 07, 2012

Is it just me?


 Bill Clinton is obviously a wonderful orator and I probably will listen to his whole speech which I'm sure is on YouTube but did he really say that much of real substance.  I would love to be proven wrong. 

I haven't been paying a whole lot of attention to the US election but what has filtered down to me and I actually READ and have some interest in it all is that neither candidate has really provided any concrete details about how to solve the problems facing the country.  But,  I could be wrong.  I'm not reading any of it very closely.  So far,  and I admit my view is very superficial at the moment, seems like a lot of blather and glittering generalities on both sides.

Of course,  I'm more positive to Obama because I do respect intelligence,  thoughtfulness,  and social conscience.  I try to be open minded to religion but I guess I do have to say that I feel anyone espousing the Mormon faith is a bit in the loony tunes category for me.

 I never will quite understand the wild, weird, and crazy mix up of the people in the US.   That being said,  I generally I find Americans engaging and interesting despite their politics.  And I certainly wish them well....especially since the well being of the US does affect us in Canada although thankfully not as much as before.

These next two months will be interesting.

The good life

I picked up this message from Don this morning:

"This is how we spend our Thurs. evenings - bloody marvelous

And we had burgers and beer last night...

P.S.  This sounds like a good menu to serve your good old friends who hosted you in France (not to mention Ireland)...:)