Saturday, August 02, 2008

One degree of separation...

Leonardo DiCaprio's father, George, was at the Huxley conference. He is apparently very interested in Huxley and I guess that's why he is producing the film of Brave New World with his son starring in it. He went to quite a few of the presentations and was very gracious from what I hear. Most people didn't know who he was.

He's the one in the middle with the long black hair...doesn't look old enough to be DiCaprio's father does he?

Jim preparing his notes at the Huntington.

The Huntington is just such a great place...fabulous gardens, research library, amazing art gallery. Great place for a conference.

Here are some photos of the Huntington's newest garden just recently opened so I hadn't seen it. This is a Chinese garden...of course, they also have a wonderful Japanese garden.