Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Last Supper

We had a great "last supper" with Don and Elaine last night. Don made his famous Caesar salad to die for and his special bar-b-que salmon in lettuce leaves...fabulous. We started with champagne and scallops and bacon...yum.

And we were in for another treat! Elaine gave us her mother's UBC alumni plate since we both went to UBC. It has an etching of the main library on it and we met pretty much in front of the library! Just last week when we were in Vancouver Jim was at that library doing research. It's something we will always treasure and I have put it along with our photos of us from UBC many many years ago...

It's interesting that Elaine's mother went to UBC in the 20's and we have seen her BA diploma which is on an actual sheepskin and in Latin! Not many women went to university in those days.

The link below is a little history of the library.


Don and Elaine

Me, Elaine, Don

Don and Jim

We will miss this view of their backyard and especially the wonderful Willow tree but we have a new view of a fabulous Garry Oak and the ocean to replace it. We're looking forward to our first meal in their new home.

UBC alumni plate with an etching of the main library.