Wednesday, August 06, 2008

A great day in Taos

It was a very scenic drive up to Taos and we saw some of this wonderful scenery that inspired Ansel Adams and O'Keefe. We pulled off to this charming winery called Vivac that had this fabulous rock facing!

Then up to the D. H. Lawrence Ranch...a pretty rocky road but we were the only ones there so got a feeling for the isolation he craved and saw the fabulous "Lawrence Tree" that ended up to be such a famous painting of O'Keefe's...she sold it for half a million in 1979. Saw Lady Dorothy Brett's cabin...she was here as a guest but actually ended up living for many years in the Lawrence Homestead cabin. She was a painter and a very wealthy individual but obviously enjoyed this isolated and alternate lifestyle. Huxley wrote in a letter that Jim published in his recent edition that "If only Lord Esher (her father) could see her now with her 10 gallon hat and chaps..."

Then off to Taos to come later and then we had the great fortune to see 9 of the banned (because of obscenity) Lawrence paintings that a hotel in Taos has because the owner was a drinking buddy of Frieda Lawrence's husband after D.H. died and he bought them. Very tame by our standards but was quite an incredible court case in London at the time. In fact, these paintings can still never be shown on British soil.

Back to the plaza tonight for more music and dinner on a lovely is tough in New Mexico!

Fabulous rock across from the winery.

Our wine pourer at Vivac.

On the road to Taos.

On the way to the Lawrence Ranch.

Lady Brett cabin.

Lawrence Homestead cabin.

The famous Lawrence tree.

A print of O'Keefe's rendition of it.