Monday, August 11, 2008

Back home again

We arrived back home Saturday to rain, fresh west coast air and numerous rainbows while we were at Katy and David's 25 Wedding Anniversary celebration. It was really fun to see everyone and so glad we could make the party and that Richard could as well. We had a good visit.

Santa Fe was wonderful but a little too hot and stormy. I would like to return in the Spring and we may have an opportunity to do a house exchange in Albuquerque with a Huxley colleague who lives and teaches there. We had lunch with them in their wonderful house close to the Rio Grande River. Santa Fe is just an hour away and there are lots of places I'd like to explore in New Mexico...loads of painting subjects.

I was having problems uploading to YouTube on the road so here's one video I took of the music and dancing on the plaza in Santa Fe. It was so much fun watching the people because of the variety of ages and everyone was having such a great time.