Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Just about at the end of moving in

We got all our artwork etc. up yesterday except for what is going in the second bedroom/Jim's office and got rid of some of the framed posters Richard was storing for us and we won't have room for.  A little sad to see these go but we did enjoy them over the years.  We made a decision not to buy artwork and just buy posters related to our travels.  Good decision now that I'm painting....there is just so much wall space!

I took photos of the ones we decided not to keep.

Got the summer tires on yesterday so while waiting had them drive us to Commercial and had a great lunch at Carthage on the Drive.  We always really enjoy our meals there.  Jim had the meat trio of lamb chop, merguez sausage, chicken and I had the fish duo of salmon and snapper (wonderful sauce!)

Just sat and watched the sunset and the lights.  Took a few photos on auto setting.

All from our balcony.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Richard loves my new camera and it makes even us old folks look not too bad.

 Wonderfully appropriate that when I went to take my first photo the English Bay water slide was being put in place by a tugboat.  My mom slid down this slide as a kid and was taught swimming by Joe Fortes along with her siblings...they weren't supervised by adults so probably saved their lives learning to swim.

Richard took the rest of the photos.  We all had a great time at the Sylvia Hotel for dinner tonight.  It turns 100 this year...great article in the Sun about its history.





My new camera...!

Yes,  Don,  I finally did it...bought my camera!  It's one of those newly released Canon Rebel Eos SL1 that is more lightweight than the others.  Not as lightweight as my iPhone or my first digital camera that was a "keychain" camera I bought while waiting for the train in Paris.  Those two were always with me.  This one won't be obviously but I am looking forward to learning how to take better photos.

Even though we're both pretty tired today I picked up the Spring program guide for the three local community centres  as I was renewing our Residents Only parking permit and saw that at Barclay Manor (great old heritage house a few blocks away...super place for a community centre) is offering a free course for Seniors on using your DSLR camera starting this Wed and going to June 26.  Too good an opportunity to miss!

 This was quite an amazing sunset but the iPhone doesn't really capture it.

I don't even know how to put on the camera strap.  Richard and Emily are coming over tonight so they'll get me sorted out.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Amazing progress today but we're both tired.

We unpacked and got rid of all the boxes (around 200) except for the two picture boxes...whew!   Is beginning to look like home and we're very pleased to have taken our dining room furniture.  We took everything that was in the dining room and it's all providing great storage and we also took the corner cabinet that was in our living room.  It is fitting in great and more great storage.   That was my parents' cabinet and I'm just about to dig our my father violin and put it on it.  My mom's china all survived and looks great.  I know "brown" furniture isn't in these days but there are a lot of memories here.  And Don Curling's parents Victrola glad we brought it all.

Was going to post some photos but once again they aren't there even though they are there....!

Here now.

You can see a bit of my art studio...quite a large space.

 Mom's china...from her "hope chest"...lots of sacrifices to buy this as a lowly telephone operator.  We visited the factory in Worcester when we were there.  The pattern is "The Duchess".  Funnily enough my mom met a woman who hand painted the finishing touches on this pattern.  I'm sure she was making even less money.  Women working for B.C. Tel did get a union eventually.  My mom had moved on to being a receptionist at Burnaby General and I'm very proud to say that she was instrumental in getting a union for the office workers there and was elected their first shop steward!

 My wonderful father's violin.   We played duets at Christmas time....about the only time I ever enjoyed playing the piano!

Here's my desk area just in-between the living and dining room.  We made a bit of a divider with two bookcases back to back.   Two large one bedrooms were put together to make this space and it wouldn't suit everyone but it's perfect for us.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Vancouver....mon amour

I just love this city so much and especially where we are.  As with Victoria,  we just focused on a couple of blocks.   Such a wonderful, wonderful!

The last leg...

Today went perfectly and we can't say enough about this company and these particular guys.  It's all going to fit in the end and is looking good even with all the boxes at the moment.  Enjoying the sunshine with a well deserved scotch.  I think in a week we'll be pretty much sorted.

Well...was going to post some photos but they don't seem available....weird things going on with our iPhones.

Ok...there they are...finally.

 Binky enjoying her forest.  Saw Ian the day before the big day and pleased he could use the TV we bought last know,  when we were going to live in Victoria...

 We had a tremendous number of boxes but still not too bad given the space available.

Our fabulous moving guys...last thing was the cabinet we were worried about but no problem with these guys.


The move went very smoothly yesterday and we were very impressed with the fellows with Two Small Men With Big Hearts.  Very nice guys and very competent and helped ease the stress of it all.  We caught the 3pm ferry and arrived to our wonderful view of the ocean, freighters,  loads of sailboats with spinnakers flying and even a rather nice sunset over the mountains that we can now see from our new place.  Photos not great from iPHone...soon to get good camera!

Hoping everything will go smoothly today for the move in.

 Last dinner as residents of Victoria.  Shepherd's Pie at the Penny Farthing.

 Quite a lovely sunset....we do get some fabulous ones.

Our first morning as real residents of Vancouver!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Wonderful dinner with our neighbours...and final lunch at Uplands with Monique...

Very special times...soon be locking the door on our very beloved home in Victoria...lots of emotions...

 Wonderful rose de Bandol.

 Beau looks great at least...

Perhaps it's best we're in shadow....!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Marching bands everywhere...!

Went for a swim at the Grand Pacific this afternoon and just happened to arrive when marching bands were EVERYWHERE!   Great fun to see and hear them.  Walked out and took a few photos but doesn't capture that moment.  Very cool.

Winding down to the end...

We signed the transfer papers and stuff for the house the other day and we ended up with a total of "4" pieces of paper.  Now contrast that to the over 1,000 pieces of paper we had for the Palm Springs purchase.  Our lawyer did say the buyer would have a few more.

Our lawyer went to law school with Chris and seems like quite a cool guy...loved his car!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Staying in for dinner tonight...

We have often done this on our anniversary....just decided to stay in.   Not a perfect night for the Marina and Elaine brought over lots of goodies for us today so we are sipping good wine and just enjoy the evening together at home.  It's been a tiring time.

Funnily enough I got a few DVD's from from the library and one of them is "Superman Returns"...that's the one where the actor looks very much like Richard as Clark Kent.  Should be fun to see.

Wines from France, of course.  A very special bottle of a rosé de Provence.

Friday, May 17, 2013

A lovely single malt...!

Jim's colleagues,  Nigel, Tim, Tom, and Raj, took him for lunch today at the University Club and they had a good chat about old times and gave  him some cool cards and a bottle of Robert Burns single malt.  We have been enjoying it!

How do men manage to retain those adolescent bums!    The card is perfect especially since we celebrate our 45th Anniversary tomorrow.

It was very sweet of Jim's colleagues to do that....I was very touched...thanks,  Guys!

There was quite a lot of mention of Bill Thomas....we know he would be approving of our plans.

Lunch with friends...

Heather treated me to a great lunch at the  Yacht Club Wednesday and we could even sit outside in the sunshine.  She'll be coming into Vancouver a week after we move so will see her again soon!

Then back to the Hotel Grand Pacific for a last regular lunch with my dear friend, Elaine,  on Thursday.   We will swim and lunch there from time to time when we're in Victoria but it is the end of an era and I felt rather teary afterward.   We had more things off their wonderful new lunch menu,  tuna tartare, and split a halibut burger ...both to die for!

 Tuna tartare

Our amazing halibut burger