Thursday, July 31, 2008

And now some Pasadena photos

We went to the conference "warming" last night and it was fun to see people we hadn't seen for a while and meet some new people. California Lutheran University is partnering with the Huntington and the Huxley society and they put on a super evening last night with dinner and an old Huxley film called "A Woman's Revenge" based on Huxley's novel "The Giaconda Smile". It featured a very young Jessica Tandy who was looking very beautiful and bore an amazing likeness to Kate Soles.

California Lutheran is pretty amazing in that they offered free accommodation for people in their residences which made it so much more possible for students and other people on a budget to attend.

Jim gave his paper today. I haven't talked to him yet. I slept in and also wandered around old town Pasadena and generally lazed about.

Old town Pasadena:

And now for something completely different...just as we were leaving Santa Monica we went for a last walk along the beach and saw these little fellows...groundhogs I guess:

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

And more of Santa Monica...

Off to Pasadena today where I believe it's going to be quite hot but we have a pool there. Should be a pretty dry heat. Apparently 99 in Texas today and probably humid too...glad we did that trip early!

These first few are from some filming they were doing on the Santa Monica Pier and the rest are a few odds and sodds.

And even more of Santa Monica...

Having fun with my new camera!

On the 3rd street promenade.

A bit of a change from all the very skimpy beach wear.

Some very neat art deco type buildings around.

The Big Blue Bus of Santa Monica celebrating 80 years in business and recently upped fares to 75 cents.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

More photos of Santa Monica

This display was in a clothing store.

This seemed to be an upscale pawn shop...lots of leather jackets for sale.

This "horse" must be from my era...original price for a ride 5 cents.

We didn't get around to seeing this. We quite loved the one in Edinburgh.

Santa Monica Beach and a lonely looking tree.

Beach houses.

I just thought this looked rather cool.

A very cosmopolitan place

We know Santa Monica draws a lot of Italians, Spaniards, and many other nationalities (we heard loads of languages at breakfast this morning on the Veranda) but this is the first time I've noticed so much "ye olde England"...blimey! With pubs, restaurants, teashops, travel centres, and shops or should I say "shoppes" that sell all sorts of English goods, souvenirs, newspapers and food stuffs. You might think you were in the Kensington High Street...

Bit of a shake today

We were in our hotel room when the earthquake struck today...quite a sway for about 15 seconds. The cleaning people seemed pretty frightened judging from their conversations out in the hall. So all my water and earthquake preparations at home don't do us muc good here!

Monday, July 28, 2008

More photos of our hotel in Santa Monica

It seems to have quite a of the last speakeasys (illegal liquor haunts during prohibition).
Seems appropriate place for us to be staying....

The fresh ocean breezes of Santa Monica

Great flight down and arrived to a perfect temperature. We love our heritage hotel here on Ocean Avenue...a super place and great location...thanks, Susan! We started with a beer on the "Veranda", their outdoor deck overlooking the ocean that is a bar and breakfast and lunch place. Then next door to the Ocean Restaurant that has fabulous seafood and specializes in oysters from all over with wine pairings. I had the lobster and Jim had steak and lobster...yum.

Our hotel.

One of the oyster shuckers at the Ocean Restaurant.

I think these beach houses across the street would be worth a pretty penny.

Taking a walk along the promenade after dinner. Sunset if about an hour earlier down here.

Some great old trees around.

These next ones are of the Santa Monica Pier ferris wheel. I'm surprised they turned out so well given the darkness and the distance we were away.