Sunday, November 19, 2017

Lunch at Sammy G's today

Jim had chicken parmiagan with spaghetti....a huge portion but he polished it off.  I had calamari.  Relatively good but wasn't really hot enough and I wasn't totally thrilled with the tomato sauce it came with.  It was lovely to sit outside.

This "palm tree" is actually a fountain.

Beginning with wonderful baguette and tapenade....a great way to start

This is a shop right beside the restaurant with some French things but mainly clothes. I do like the poodles and the little touch with the water bowl.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Itty Bitty Book Review: "Corduroy Mansions"

"Corduroy Mansions" by Alexander McCall Smith

Can one ever be disappointed by a McCall Smith....not me so far.  I've said a little about this already in another blog post.  It really is very charming and quite amusing and just a bit slightly edgy in parts...well,  edgy for McCall Smith.  There are three volumes...all collections of a serialization.  An interesting idea in these modern times.  We are left hanging with unresolved story lines so I'll have to read the next one and the next....not a hardship.

Rose Mallett at Woody's last night

 These first two aren't mine.   Most of mine last night were blurry...ah well.

We really enjoyed seeing her again and it was especially fun since we went with Brian Peckford and his wife, Carol.  They are big fans and also big fans of Bill's.  Last year when we were at Bill's Jim recognized Brian (he was the premier of Newfoundland for 10 years) and we chatted with them.  They are now living in Nanaimo.  This year we saw them again at Bill's and made plans to all go to Woody's and see Rose.  Rose has been in France and just got back.   We all really had a great time and we plan to go to a Dolly Sinatra Pasta Social with them.  We know they will love it!

Brian and Carol.

Rose comes to say hello.  She's so friendly!

Friday, November 17, 2017

Trying out my new clubs...

We went to the driving range today and I didn't do too badly considering I didn't play at all last year.  I really couldn't after my operation and treatment.  Jim's back is getting better so perhaps in a week we can actually play a game of golf!

Margaret Nes

I am loving this book I bought recently, Santa Fe Art.  In addition to all the wonderful reproductions of artwork and information,  there are magnificent paintings on the book jacket by someone called Margaret Nes.  I just love her work.  She works in pastels.

When I took my Absolute Beginner Drawing course,  the teacher introduced us to a variety of media to work with.  One session was on pastels and I was really looking forward to that because I thought I would really like working with them.  I actually couldn't stand them.  The chalk type were dusty and messy and the oil pastels were slimy and yucky.  And this is from someone who loved making mud pies and finger painting...well,  go figure.

Biography, Exhibitions, Collections, Bibliography

Margaret Nes was born in France in 1950 and spent much of her childhood in northern Africa. A daughter of a US Foreign Service couple, she was exposed to many different cultures, art forms and landscapes, from an early age.
Nes moved to a small community north of Taos, New Mexico, in 1969. She is a self-taught artist whose work reflects the aesthetics of the stark landscape and adobe architecture of this area that has been her home for well over three decades.
Nes's primary medium is pastel, which she uses in a unique and powerful manner. Her pastel pigments fully saturate the entire surface, and are worked and blended in with an almost sculptural quality. Her palette ranges from the richest and most luminous of hues to the most subtle and delicate of shades.
Nes's work has been exhibited in numerous juried and invitational shows and is in collections around the world. Her work invokes a sense of beauty, mystery and wonder that is very much her own.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

First time at Fisherman's today

We do love the grilled catfish...very yummy!

Always a pleasure to see the garden at the PS Art and Architecture Museum.  We particularly liked these silvery plants...not sure what they are.

We stopped by Angel View Thrift store and they were putting their Christmas decorations out.  I got these four items for 99 cents!  I'll take them home as my village at home is rather lacking in people.  I love the British post box and I always wanted a dalmatian dog as a kid.

e e cummings art

These are a few selections I chose under the subject "abstract"....there are lots more in the link.  Quite a variety of styles and subjects.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Loving the Chagall art and Cummings poetry

Here's about half of the book.  And I learned that e.e. Cummings created a lot of artwork as well.  I've taken a look at some of it and really like it.  I haven't read a lot of Cummings but will delve into this volume we have here of most of his poetry.  Trust Jim to have picked that up.

Goes rather well with my Mondrian table I think especially with our art books underneath peaking through.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Some how this didn't get posted this morning....

There was also an exhibit of women working in glass at the Art Museum.  I liked the works very much but do wonder about "all women" shows.  A recent women's jazz festival in PS didn't do so well.  I had to laugh at McCall Smith in Corduroy Mansions which I am currently reading.  There is a dog who lost his job as a sniffer dog at the airport because of affirmative action.  The powers that be decided the sniffer dogs had to be equally male and female.

The new hotels being built across from the Museum seem to be taking shape.

Yesterday Jim brought these treats from this wonderful French bakery here...a pain au chocolat and a cheese baguette.

More finds at Steinmart....these seemed rather mid Century modern.  Jim says the pants look like I've been using them as painting clothes.

I do love the sparkles on the bottom of these cropped pants.