Monday, August 04, 2008

Santa Fe, mon amour....

Santa Fe lives up to all the billing! A very easy drive in and a colleague from the conference and who turned out to be a companion on the plane gave us some wonderful restaurant recommendations so we tried one out last night...the 315 Restaurant. According to Gourmet magazine one of the best in the country. I started with seared foie gras and Jim with roasted quail. You can see the glass of sauterne waiting for the foie gras. Then onto a very creative "surf-turf"...king salmon with a green onion colis and sweetbreads. Fantastic meal!

We wondered if we would make the opera tonight as incredible thunder and lightning but died down so made our buffet dinner and the opera...all quite an experience. Lots of photos to come but didn't want to use the computer during the storm.

A few photos of our hotel: